Une ode à la création divine

Exactly a year ago, the sculpture “Une ode à la création divine ” was finished , but due to the entire pandemic situation, the installation was postponed until a few days ago, when a pedestal was made that was ready to accept the sculpture.

The sculpture symbolizes the act of creating the cosmos, the moment when divine providence was embodied in the form of light and pure energy, radiating in all directions and at all times. It is the center from which life itself originated, and that is why palm leaves are laid on the base, which symbolizes joy, celebration, gratitude and victory.
The height of the sculpture is 4.25 m, together with the pedestal. The materials are steel, brass and gilding.

The client of the sculpture remains undiscovered for now, as well as the location for which the sculpture was designed, until the whole building is completely finished. It will be a real pantheon of art.
Finally, I would like to thank those without whom it was unthinkable to do this, especially maestro Dragan Ristic and colleague Milos Radenkovic.
Published on September 8, 2021.